YouTube extends Trump suspension for an additional week

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube.

Michael Newberg | CNBC

YouTube is extending Donald Trump’s channel ban by one week longer than the previous temporary ban.

The Google company confirmed the extension to CNBC Tuesday, citing potential for ongoing violence. Donald Trump’s YouTube account has 2.79 million subscribers and has typically posted several videos a day of him and right-wing media outlets prior to the suspension.

The company will continue to ban the display of comments on videos posted on its channel. The temporary suspension means that Trump’s account and existing videos will still be accessible, but he won’t be able to upload any new content for at least seven more days.

Last week, Google suspended President Trump’s YouTube account and officially warned the White House against using the world’s largest video platform after some Trump supporters used deadly force in the U.S. Capitol in early January. The company usually has a three strike rule and the first strike results in your account being temporarily suspended.

The extension comes before the day of inauguration when the US transfers power to the next president, Joe Biden.

The company has taken a rather straightforward approach to moderating content on its platform in the past, which was criticized again after the 2020 elections. When YouTube first hit Trump, Twitter and Facebook had already banned Trump indefinitely, citing incitement to violence.

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