Yinka Ilori Debuts a Daring + Juicy Homewares Assortment

London-based multidisciplinary artist Yinka Ilori has launched his first collection of housewares, overflowing with juicy, saturated colors and geometrically bold patterns. Ilori is of British Nigerian descent and uses his heritage to tell stories through contemporary design. Each project exudes fun and joy, brings Nigeria’s verbal tradition to the conversation, and touches on global issues that will appeal to audiences around the world.

My first housewares collection is a continuation of design work inspired by my own British-Nigerian heritage and childhood. It’s a colorful celebration of two cultures, expressed through abstract, colored patterns and contemporary craftsmanship. Unexpected, functional household items that evoke memories of my own upbringing have been reworked as colorful works of art. Each one has their own narrative and backstory that is intended to convey a sense of optimism and joy and, in its own little way, to act as a distraction for the dark times we face this year.


Jacquard pillowcases


Jacquard pillowcase

Seating arrangement at the table

Serving tray

Melamine bowl

Enamel mug



Stoneware plate

Serving bowl

Stoneware serving bowl




Table with tablecloth

Jacquard tablecloth


Jacquard tea towels


Tibetan wool carpet

Learn more about YInka Ilori’s first collection of housewares at shop.yinkailori.com.

Photos by Andy Stagg.

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