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You may have seen the Nuwaveoxypure advertised via an infomercial for www.nuwaveoxypure.com and is available at Amazon.

The Nuwave Oxypure air purifier is a revolutionary new filter that dramatically changes the way we breathe and cleanse the air in our homes. You will breathe easier and sleep more soundly with the Nuwave Oxypure! 

With 6 different fan speeds, odor control, air flow rates, low or no odor activation, advanced fan, and a powerful HEPA filter, the Oxypure eliminates most allergens, dust, mold, smoke, pollen, pet dander, ozone and other harmful gases from the air in your home.

Nuwave OxyPure As Seen On TV

You may have seen the Nuwaveoxypure advertised via an infomercial for 

www.nuwaveoxypure.com and is available at Amazon.

The Nuwave OxyPure has great customer reviews at Amazon.  81% of customers gave the air purifier a 5 star review, click to read reviews!!

What the NuwaveOxypure Comes With

OxyPure Air Purifier

5 stage filtration system (stainless steel pre-filter, bio guard, ozone emission removal filter, HEPA/Carbon filter

5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

1 year VIP warranty

90 day money back guarantee


Noise levels as low as 30 decibels

3 of 4 filters designed to be cleanable and last up to 20 years – the 4th lasts up to a year before requiring replacement

360 degree air intake

Certifications from the California air Review Board and the Environmental Protection Agency


Calculated to remove 99.999% of airborne Porcine Respiratory Coronavirus in areas up to 1,200 square feet in 6 hours

Continuously eliminates airborne bacteria & removes airborne viruses

5 filter system is designed to capture microscopic airborne particles as small as 0.09 microns and unwanted household odors via the automatic odor detection system with 6 odor levels

Via mobile app air quality is remotely monitored and controls to Oxypure

What HEPA filters do?

There are many different kinds of filters to choose from, so it’s really important to know what you are looking for when considering the purchase of a new purifier. You want to find a HEPA filter that is perfect for your needs. HEPA stands for “High Efficiency Particulate Arrest” and is designed to trap small particles of dust, germs and other harmful chemicals. 

In addition to removing these harmful particles from the air in your home, the HEPA filter also takes out lint, so your hair doesn’t get clogged up in the filters. It is easy to learn how to change the filters in your Nuwave OXypure or visit nuwaveoxypure.com.

The Nuwave OxyPure has great customer reviews at Amazon.  81% of customers gave the air purifier a 5 star review, click to read reviews!!

How Does Oxypure Work?

Uses the five filter system designed to completely clean the air while maintaining a strong positive air flow

Stainless Steel Pre-Filter captures large particles such as pet danders

Bio-Guard Filter eliminates and removes bacteria, viruses, adn molds

Ozone Emission Removal Filter degrades ozone into oxygen

HEPA/Carbon Combo Filter captures fumes, gases, and volatile organic compounds

The Oxypure remains off until it detects poor air quality then turns on automatically running at the top fan level until the air improves.  In 2 hours OxyPure removes nearly all viruses and bacteria.

Nuwave Oxypure price


How Good is the Nuwave OxyPure Air Purifier?

One of the most common questions people ask is how good is the Nuwave OxyPure air purifier?  

One thing many people don’t realize about air purifiers like the OxyPure is the fact that they are incredibly effective at cleaning your air. They eliminate all kinds of pollutants, including pet dander, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, dust, bacteria, germs, viruses, and more. 

They remove all of these microscopic particles from the air that you breathe and can even improve your immune system. They have no odor, since they use special HEPA filters to trap all of the allergens in your home.

This is because they capture the pollution in the air before it ever reaches your lungs. There is absolutely no odor emitted by the OXyPure because it uses a special technology to trap the odor causing microorganisms in your home.

Most air purifiers tend to be quite loud due to the filter technology. However, the Nuwave OxyPure available at www.nuwaveoxypure.com or Amazon is completely silent, which allows you to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your home. This is due in part to the advanced technology used in the design of the product.

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