Woman-Owned Wellness Studio Incorporates Minimal Yet Punchy Art + Design

As you step into Get Well Soon, a women’s spa in Norfolk, Virginia, the feeling of serenity overwhelms you as you are greeted by warm, mint-colored walls that pervade the core of the space. Founders Zahra Ahmad and Virginia Thornton created this space to satisfy a need within themselves and in the community – by envisioning a wellness oasis where everyone practices self-care and indulges in holistic health, self-care as a form recovery can heal and normalize.

“One in four Americans takes antidepressants, and while medication can help and I don’t mind, some people really need them. It’s just a tool, like a tool in a toolbox. What will make a lasting change in your life are self-care rituals, whether it is massage, infrared sauna, meditation or yoga, ”explains Zahra, who once suffered from anxiety and depression and raised awareness of other women in their community who are going through similar difficulties. She also works to destigmatize loud suffering and helps develop solutions to overcome mental illness with many of the services that Get Well Soon offers: massage therapy, yoga, meditation sessions, facials and a social club that creates and promotes and and nurtures sisterhood Community.

As design enthusiasts with an impeccable eye for detail and a penchant for contemporary art and design, Zahra and Virginia strived for an expressive yet simple approach to their wellness studio. So it was imperative to keep the spatial design as minimalist, modern and open as possible – with minimal shelf space to highlight the beautiful collection of products they sell.

“We do our own merch and have designed everything ourselves. We try to keep this price moderate and we are very aware of that, ”says Zahra. The in-store and online gift shop has an artfully crafted selection of skin care products, including Virginia’s mother’s organic skin care line ‘Winnie’, animated pop culture greeting cards, moon juice skin care products, and other goodies like natural hand-poured candles. pastel colored cups and stunning monochrome ceramic exhibits.

With Virginia driving much of the design choices in the room, the two worked quite well together and pretty much agreed on all the major aesthetic choices – like the neon “Get Well Soon” wall logo that you see when you step into the studio. “When we finished our logo, they would send us six models and we wouldn’t even have to discuss them. We picked the same one of the six all along. “The creative synergy between the two is evident, which has made working together a seamless, enjoyable and rewarding experience. Additional additions to the space include modern wall art, vases, cabinets, mirrors, and lighting.

Zahra and Virginia also tested 33 different colors on the studio walls before settling for the mint tone that now adorns the room. This shows how careful they were in choosing and finishing interior details. With some furniture bought from high-end furniture dealers and a table sourced from homeware, Zahra and Virginia also believe in the coexistence of high and low, recognizing that the two can coexist without the overall quality within affect your own space. They also believe that being super smart and resourceful is important as the couple are also involved in many DIY projects in the studio, such as painting the bathroom in a playful black and white geometric design.

Founders Zahra Ahmad and Virginia Thornton

Learn more at getwellsoonxo.com.

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