What Industrial Designer Shujan Bertrand Dreams About

San Francisco-based industrial designer Shujan Bertrand uses the art of origami to create products through waste-free design and manufacture. Through her culinary design company, Just, she hopes to raise awareness of responsible design and forge new partnerships with sustainable companies and organizations that care about people and the planet. Aplat products focus on sharing food, wine and flowers. They are meant for people and the planet, and are intended to change the way we live at home and the way industry produces. Shujan is committed to sustainable local production, supports local organic farms and food producers, and donates 1% of Aplat’s profits to environmental and non-profit organizations.

Today Shujan is there for Friday Five!

Wife and two children

1. Husband + children
My husband and children are my inspiration for everyday design and life. I’m always into problem solving, hacking, and prototyping life around us at home and out in the world when we’re together.

Beach sunset beach

2. The ocean
I was born and raised in Manhattan Beach and grew up swimming and surfing. The planet is talking to me here.


3. Kimchi
Fresh cabbage, radish, or cucumber kimchi are my favorites. If the weather is bad or I need a reset, a bowl of rice and kimchi is enough.

pleated garment

4. Issey Miyake’s designs
It’s like wearing moving art. Simple, creative, innovative and timeless folds. Its products last for generations.


5. Life in space
I dream of being an astronaut. I am inspired by the universe beyond the solar system and the galaxy on earth. I am also inspired by the interface between science and technology and the inner dimensions of the human mind, heart and mind.

Work by Shujan Bertrand:

Face mask

Aplat Zero Waste designed face masks are unique 3D origami folds that completely enclose the nose and chin with a spacious breathing cavity.


This reusable flower garden bag is designed for flowers, garden stems and herbs. The two straps wrap and tie at the front for easy bundling, while the back seam opening is easily hooked onto a wall or doorknob to hang vertically.

Casserole pocket

Carry your meal upright and spill-free in the reusable kitchen bag. The patented design makes it easy and straightforward to bring your homemade creation to a potluck, picnic or neighbor.

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