Viktor Udzenija’s Interests Led To Limited Edition Furniture + Light Installations

Photo: Mariano Vivanco

In 2011 the Croatian architect and interior designer Viktor Udzenija founded his studio of the same name in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and expanded to Europe in the summer of 2020. In his global project portfolio, Viktor takes a handcrafted, bespoke approach to high quality residential, retail and commercial design. After studying architecture at the Technical University of Munich and his early career at Foster + Partners in London, his approach is based on his understanding of space. Proportions, functionality and sustainability determine all Viktor projects, whether in architecture or interior design. This is followed by an understanding of the matter, which is then supplemented by his dedication to craftsmen and highly specialized craftsmen. Together with contemporary works of art and collectable design pieces, these elements form high-level, future-oriented and sustainable projects.

Since the studio was founded, Viktor has won a number of international architectural design competitions and awards, including Sustainability Initiative of the Year and Housing Project of the Year. He was also named a Top 50 Interior Designer in the Middle East by Architectural Digest and a Top Architect by Middle East Architect magazine for several consecutive years.

Viktor’s interest in functionality and materiality has spurned a number of limited edition furniture and light installations that complement his projects, particularly the rocking horse ‘The Little Rocker’. The piece, first published in 2015, was produced in both the white marble editions Carrara and Nero Marquina.

This week Viktor is coming to Friday Five!

Man and dog in bed

1st morning with my dog
We have a morning ritual at home that has been going on for years. She wakes up with the sunrise and goes to my bedroom to wake me up. I have to lift her up on the bed as she cannot reach, and then we sleep another hour until we are ready to start the day with breakfast.


2. Production visits
I regularly visit the production studios where my design pieces are made. The marble is made in a small craft studio in Carrara where the Little Rocker is made. It takes a few weeks to cut the piece out of a solid block of marble and bring it into its final shape. All metal works, on the other hand, are handmade in Germany in a state-of-the-art production facility, which also produces works for Jeff Koons. So it’s always very exciting to see how production goes and think about new designs and how to make them.

Neon lights in the black room

3. The Great Animal Orchestra
It’s an installation by United Visual Artists. I first saw it at the Salone in Milan and spent a couple of hours inside. It’s a large room with a light installation that follows the records of animals in various exotic habitats around the world, including the Amazon. It is really meditative and takes you to a place where you virtually connect with nature, which is very important in our lifestyle today.

Equipped with bus equipment

4. Rick Owens’ Moncler Buss
If there was one great item I’d want to have for a couple of weeks during this lockdown, it would be Rick Owens’ Moncler Buss. I work a lot with Michele Lamy and Rick and their furniture for my projects and I always love being surrounded by their aesthetics. It would be so much fun to take a road trip with this great house on wheels and discover new places and people.

Artwork on the wall

5. Vojtech Kovarik
I only recently discovered this highly talented Czech artist and was fascinated by the bold shapes and colors of his large format paintings. Many of the works show ancient mythological scenes that I have always been drawn to. Like the Laocoon with the snake, one of my favorite sculptures in the Vatican.

Work by Viktor Udzenija:

Art installation

The eye, Dubai


Little rocker

Living room

Jumeirah Residence, Dubai

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