Veterans Next Up to Receive Delayed Stimulus Checks

More than 25 million lower-income Americans whose stimulus payments were delayed finally got it on Wednesday. And a group still waiting – certain veterans and their beneficiaries – can expect their payments to arrive next week, the Internal Revenue Service said.

Payments were made out in groups, with the first batch ending up in accounts on March 17th. However, many people who received government benefits and did not meet the income thresholds required to file a tax return had not received money because the IRS did not. They don’t have the files necessary to process their payments. This included Americans on Social Security benefits, supplementary security income, the Railroad Retirement Board, and Veterans Affairs.

On Wednesday, 25 million late payments landed, valued at around $ 36 billion. The largest block, or $ 26 billion, went to more than 19 million Social Security takers, including those receiving old age, survivor or disability benefits. Another three million payments, valued at nearly $ 5 billion, went to beneficiaries of the additional security income. Approximately 85,000 payments, or $ 119 million, went to the beneficiaries of the Railroad Retirement Board.

Some Veterans Affairs beneficiaries are still waiting. However, as long as there are no issues, unregistered veterans and their beneficiaries receiving compensation and pension payments can expect their money to land on April 14th. The status of your payment should be available on the IRS’s Get My Payment tool on Saturday or Sunday.

Wednesday’s batch also included more than a million payments to Americans who had already received one in March but were eligible for a new or greater amount based on their 2020 tax returns. These so-called mark-ups were valued at more than $ 2 billion.

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