Using This Years Taxes to Save On Next Years Taxes

You just got done paying taxes or filing an extension and are grumpy. If you are smart, you will use this miserable event to save some cash for next year.

Using This Years Taxes to Save On Next Years Taxes

For most people, preparing and filing taxes is the equivalent of sticking a pin in a body part. It simply is not fun. Heck, it is not even amusing. One of the reasons is you inevitably find some part of the process where you wonder how you could possible not have more deductions or credits. You fully realize you should tweak your finances to maximize certain expense areas and, by God, you are definitely going to do it for next year. This admirable goal, much like a New Years Resolution, fades into antiquity after about a month. You should not let this happen!

There is no better time than now to proactively plan for savings on next year’s taxes. Having just completed your taxes, you inherently know where you got hurt. Even if you do not, you inevitably felt like you paid more than your fair share. To avoid this, you need to do some tax planning.

Stop groaning. Tax planning may sound boring, but it actually very exciting if you think about it the right way. If I told you a trip to Vegas would definitely result in $2,000 in your pocket, would you be excited to go? Of course you would. Well, tax planning has the same the result. You need to focus on the amount of money you will save.

The best way to go about tax planning is with a proactive accountant. Yes, they cost money, but they will save you far more than you spend and you can write off their fees. A win-win if ever there was one.

When selecting a CPA, you want a proactive one. You want them to look at your tax return and tell you where money can be saved. Then you want to know exactly how much you would have saved last year if you had taken the recommended steps. Yes, it will be painful, but it will also motivate you to get on board with their plan and stick with it.

Paying taxes this year was undoubtedly a painful experience. Analyze the specific areas that caused you pain, and next year will be blissful.

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