Using the PUM 2.0 Push Up Machine For Your Workout

The PUM 2.0 Push Up Machine is a new and innovative home fitness product in use today. A consumer can purchase a push up machine primarily for doing push-ups but it also has the ability to target your core and shoulders.  However, many people do not realize just how versatile the push up machine really is. 

When a consumer purchases a push up machine, they are purchasing not only a piece of gym equipment, but a complete workout package which include a complete set of exercises designed to strengthen the entire body.

The Push Up Machine Review

Technology allows you to perform push-ups at 0%, 5%, and 10% grade, challenging beginners to elite athletes

Weighs less than 7 lbs

Tested to handle a 300 lbs athlete

Easily stores under your bed or closet

Also combines a plank, clap push-up, and fly in one challenging movement for a core workout

Comes fully assembled

Workouts and challenges on YouTube

The PUM 2.0 Machine can be purchased online at Amazon.  The product has 89 customer reviews and 58% of customers gave the product 5 stars, click to read reviews!!

Many of the push up machines available target the chest and back muscles. Some are designed to give the look of an actual push up position, while still providing a full range of motion to target the shoulders, upper arms, chest, arms, and back.

How to Setup the PUM 2.0

Extend each arm outward as you place it on the ground

Set incline by moving the arm up into the desired slot

Choose between 0, 5, and 10 percent grade

Make sure sliding handles are positioned against the outside stoppers

Get into the push up position with your hands on the handles and your legs extended

Touch your chest to the base pad to begin your push-ups

Slide the handles up the arm in a controlled manner until you reach the inner stoppers

Fully extend the handles until they reach the outside stoppers

To perform a proper push up, you must engage all of your muscles at the same time. This requires a lot of muscle activation, and if you try to perform a push up while your arms are isolated, it will not be very effective.

Getting the Most From Your Push Up Exercise Machine

If you want to get the most out of your workouts, you should perform each rep with a full range of motion, including a touchdown when your legs are at the correct depth for proper muscle activation. When you perform a push up properly with the push up workout machine, you will feel a lot of burn in your arms and upper body, but you may not realize just how much impact the actual movement makes on your core.

The Push Up Machine can be purchased online at Amazon.  The product has 89 customer reviews and 58% of customers gave the product 5 stars, click to read reviews!!

To maximize the effectiveness of your workouts, you should perform each rep with the utmost form possible. Most people tend to pull or extend during push ups, and it can cause injuries. By focusing on proper form, you will prevent this from happening. 

In addition, you can also improve your total upper body fitness because the Push Up device target a wide variety of muscles. When you are using the best push machine for your workout, you will be putting more effort into each rep, which increases your confidence as you work out.

There are many other exercises that can be done with a push up the machine, but they are all geared toward increasing upper body strength. You may also want to consider doing push-ups in a way similar to traditional push-ups, by focusing on maintaining a good posture while getting up from a seated position. 

This style is called inclined push-ups. By working with a full range of motion via the PUM 2.0 Push Up Machine, you can work many parts of your body at once without hurting yourself.

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