Up Your Pet’s Nap Sport With a Cozy New Mattress

Many areas, especially the US, are still winter, which means your pets are likely trying to find a cozy place to relax. Whether it’s cold outside or you just want to give your dog or cat a new place to nap, we have six of our modern favorite beds for pets.

A rescue dog from the Palm Springs Animal Shelter modeling Laylo Pets’ Black Terrazzo dog bed. Photo: Steven Paul Photography

>>> Buy >>> Black terrazzo dog bed (or just dog bed cover) by Laylo Pets
This comfortable orthopedic bed is available in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra large – and is suitable for the smallest terriers to the fluffiest German Shepherds. At the same time, it has a modern, terrazzo-inspired, machine-washable cover that is accident-proof.

>>> Buy >>> Ray Felt Cat Bed by Wiski Cat
With a clever tab system, this felt bed folds up in seconds to create a cozy and comfortable hiding place for your cat (or small dog) when it’s time to take a nap.

Pet bed with resting small dog

>>> Buy >>> Round Pet Bed from VOLDOG
This bed has a modern aesthetic that resembles a piece of furniture. The bed is available in small and medium sizes and has a premium memory foam pillow with a removable cover in neutral gray and a roll pillow on which you can relax your head.

>>> Buy >>> Chara Cat Nest Bed by Noots
A cozy, nest-like bed that is suitable for cats or small dogs. The luxurious exterior made of soft faux fur forms a plump ring cushion around the perimeter for additional comfort.

Dog curled up on pet bed

>>> Buy >>> Stella Dog Pouf Bed by MiaCara
This round pouf bed comes in two sizes and three colors, including this saffron. It is particularly cozy and has an extremely soft, open-cell foam cushion that is covered with a soft fabric with simple double seams. It can easily pass as a human floor pillow!

Cat is sitting in the pet bed

>>> Buy >>> Biscuit Pet Bed from Pets & Pods
Biscuit is an elevated throne for cats and dogs with an accordion felt edge that wraps around a cozy furry pillow, making it the ultimate pet throne.

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