Union LA x Sonos Re-Launch Sheila Bridges Restricted Version Sonos One

Almost a year ago today, Sonos released the toile-adorned Sonos One SL Union LA Edition, a memorable collaboration between designer Sheila Bridges and Union LA that resulted in an audio speaker full of beauty and history. Adorned with the Harlem Toile wallpaper print to celebrate black American culture, the Sonos One SL has returned and has been revitalized in partnership with Color of Change and their #TellBlackStories initiative. All sales go directly to the employees themselves.

The Sonos One SL Union LA Edition is being re-released as part of Color of Change’s # TellBlackStories initiative, which aims to “celebrate the voices of creators, change makers and activists who are leading the movement for authentic and powerful representation of blacks “Also offers the opportunity to support black-owned small businesses this Christmas season under the Black Business Green Book.

As a designer, I see myself as a visual storyteller, and that’s exactly what toile does. It tells a story. For my work, it tells a story about African Americans and stereotypes. At the same time, it is also solemn. It is a festival of African American culture.

-Sheila Bridges

You can find more information about the original version in our post here. Sonos The Limited Edition Harlem Toile Sonos One SL is available now for $ 249 at SheilaBridges.com and UnionLosAngeles.com.

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