ULTRALEGGERA 1660 Is the World’s Lightest Chair

With a weight of just over 1660 grams, ULTRALEGGERA 1660 is currently the lightest chair in the world. It was designed by Oskar Zięta in response to the easy challenge posed by Gio Ponti’s design icon, the 1957 Superleggera chair. The minimalist ULTRALEGGERA chair is a mono-object or piece of furniture created in response to the challenges of the modern world.

Bionics or technology inspired by biology is an important starting point for us. In the natural environment there are structures that have been optimized in the course of evolution – we observe them and try to transfer these “clever” solutions to the world of design and architecture. What I have in mind here are structures such as the delicate but extremely strong wings of dragonflies, durable chitin shells of beetles or light and stable pneumatic bird skeletons.

– Oskar Zięta, designer

Group of chairs

Because ULTRALEGGERA is made of one material – aluminum – it follows the philosophy of mono-material thinking and is fully recyclable while at the same time being part of the circular economy. The robust frame consists of FiDU technology and a laser-cut seat and backrest. FiDU technology uses air to force the metal to expand and deform according to its natural properties. Specially designed shapes are cut and welded together and then “blown” with compressed air. Innovative FiDU is a material and energy-saving technology that helps to optimize material and energy consumption while minimizing waste.

Chairs and coffee table in the living room

Tables and chairs in front of the curtain

Zięta has proven the strength of ULTRALEGGERA through two tests. The first was performed on a free-standing chair with a load of 500 kg, the second immobilized the chair because it withstood a load of 1208 kg.

With stability, durability and simplicity as the main ingredients, ULTRALEGGERA is timeless. Last year it was awarded the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2020 Best of Award in the product category. The chair recently received the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021.

table and chairs

Table and chairs on carpet

Photo: Ada Gruszka

Chair with cement block weights

Photo: Bartek Pawlik

Detail of two chairs

Detail of two chairs

Man holds chair up with finger

To find out more about the ULTRALEGGERA 1660 chair, visit zieta.pl.

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