TV Networks Shift From Protection of Electoral Tally to Storming of Capitol

He concluded by saying that those who did not understand the concerns of the people who stormed the Capitol were stupid. “We have this sad, chaotic day for a reason,” he said. “It’s not your fault. It’s your fault.”

Right-wing figures who helped fuel a movement based on misinformation and conspiracy theories have been reluctant to hold Mr Trump responsible for the violent actions of his supporters. On Newsmax, a conservative network aimed at Trump partisans – and whose most popular host, Greg Kelly, has baselessly insisted that Mr Trump can still win the election – commentators instead tried to denounce the mainstream media.

On Wednesday, Mr Kelly echoed other Trump allies, including Fox News star Laura Ingraham, when he spread an unfounded rumor that radical left protesters were responsible for the actions of the pro-Trump mob. The idea that Trump supporters were impeccable also surfaced on Mr. Carlson’s show when a guest, Drew Hernandez, said that “antifa insurgents may have infiltrated some of these movements”. Another Fox News personality, Brit Hume, wrote on Twitter: “Don’t be surprised if we learn in the coming days that the Trump rioters have been infiltrated by left-wing extremists.”

The previous Wednesday, Fox News and Newsmax, along with Fox Business, fully broadcast Mr Trump’s brand-new, falsehood speech, including when he urged his followers to march down Pennsylvania Avenue. (The other cable news networks didn’t air the president’s speech.) After the Capitol rampage, Bernard Kerik, a former New York police superintendent and felon pardoned by Mr. Trump, alleged that journalists “acted this way” was an armed takeover of the Capitol and that’s nonsense. “

Despite extensive footage of the uprising, he added, “You have six to ten people entering the building. OK take care of it. “

In quiet times, Congressional College Election Certificate is the type of rudimentary government business that is typically relegated to C-SPAN. Even before the mob went to the Capitol, the networks were prepared for a marathon day with up-to-the-minute coverage in Washington as President Trump’s allies in the House and Senate planned a final attempt to undermine the election results.

The joint session of Congress began at 1:00 p.m., with most of the networks continuously fed from the House and Senate floors. Wolf Blitzer broke into CNN shortly after 2 p.m. with a report that “protesters are becoming assertive” as the mob approached the Capitol.

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