Tokyo’s Grace House Is Designed for a Work From Home Lifestyle

Gracefulness is a minimalist house in Tokyo, Japan designed by APOLLO Architects & Employees. The wooden structure was designed to frame the view of the river with large floor-to-ceiling glazing. Exposed rafters of the gable roof create an airy atmosphere and let a lot of natural light into the room.

For a work-from-home lifestyle, storage space and functional functions are integrated into the walls to improve unity and continuity in the narrow space. As a result, daily life coexists seamlessly with a work environment.

In an effort to transfer contradicting elements such as work / leisure, interior / exterior and private / public, materials and the overall aesthetics were assimilated in order to achieve a harmonious lifestyle in a limited space. In particular, the front balcony, a glazed space with a deep eaves, plays, as the architects describe, a particularly important role in the transition between work and leisure. “

modern interior with fixtures, kitchen and gable roof

modern kitchen with central island and wooden ceiling

modern kitchen with a view of the living room and the outside

modern living room with a sloping roof and a view of the outside world

modern living room with lounge chair and massive window with a view to the outside

Outside balcony with chair and ottoman overlooking the courtyard

Photos by Masao Nishikawa.

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