Timeless Italian Glassware by Obakki Is Ready to Go the Distance

We shared our love too Obakki and their purpose-built designs before, but their Italian Glassware collection deserves its own attention. Made from Swiss borosilicate glass, it has a list of qualities you would look for in something so delicately beautiful. Durable and one of the most resistant types of glass available on the market, thanks to its chemical composition it can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations without cracking or scratching.

But Obakki’s glassware is also something special. The modern shapes of the collection were made by third generation Italian glassblowers and shaped using traditional mouthblowing techniques. They were inspired by the modern architecture and strong lines for which it is known. The color palette includes deep but neutral shades that are sure to combine well with the rest of your bar or kitchen. After all, every single piece is unique, timeless in design and will last a lifetime.

Transparent Velasca cups, set of 2

dark green glass carafe on a white and gray background

Velasca 1L carafe in slate green

two clear glass beakers on a white and gray background

Sure Luisa Bevanda, set of 2

two gray wine glasses on white and gray background

Luisa Calice Smooth, set of 2 in mist gray

red glass mug and pink glass carafe on white and gray background

Luisa Bonne Nuit Set in Carmine Red and Cameo Pink

two clear wine glasses on white and gray background

Weekend calice, set of 2

two clear light brown mugs on a white and gray background

Luisa Acqua, set of 2 in sand

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