This Countertop Dishwasher Washes Away Anything Deemed Dirty

Is that a micro dishwasher filled with sex toys? Why yes … an example of the functional versatility of a Heatworks Tetra countertop dishwasher, a compact device that can wash items as diverse as a collection of sexual aids, baby bottles, stemmed glasses, or anything else that is dishwasher safe and small enough to fit into its unique transparent design. And with dimensions that will certainly appeal to those who have little space – small apartment dwellers, students in dormitories, motorhome travelers or even in older houses without an installed dishwasher [raises hand] – all without sanitary connection.

We first got to know the Heatworks Tetra Countertop Dishwasher in 2018, when the inventors staked a stand at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to sell the possibilities of a “Wi-Fi Connected Countertop Dishwasher”. Since then, they’ve evolved the tankless design into a stand-alone dishwasher that borrows a side – for better or worse – from inkjet printers, using a proprietary Tetra detergent cartridge system with pre-filled amounts of prewash, enzyme, and rinse aid with a duration of each over 20 loads.

Of course there is an app because … well, because everything tends to control and monitor all of our tasks over the phone. In addition to monitoring the device while it is in use, the Tetra app is set up to remind users when it is time to order a new cartridge when sensors detect that there are only five washes left. Thanks to Heatworks, replacement packs cost a reasonable $ 8.99, although like most pod or cartridge-based systems we would prefer a user-refillable option to reduce / eliminate plastic waste.

After loading, the contents of the gray water tank can be disposed of by removing the lid and draining the washing water into the sink or safely in the ornamental gardens.

In addition to its contemporary industrial design, the Heatworks Tetra table-top dishwasher is characterized by its ability to wash up to 3 complete place settings with just 3 liters of water – an efficiency rating that definitely caught our attention, as the voluntary reduction in water consumption could soon become mandatory our state of California (as is increasingly the case elsewhere).

Measuring 17.3 “wx 17” hx 15.75 “d and weighing 25 pounds, the Tetra falls into the category of portable devices, the type of device that most users are likely to find a place for and be there for will always remain stationary, but will have the ability to move around slightly if necessary.

Heatworks is currently accepting pre-orders for $ 399, with shipping scheduled for May 18, 2022. More information can be found here.

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