They Had a Enjoyable Pandemic. You Can Learn About It in Print.

The Drunken Canal is one of the few downtown media projects that emerged in response to the dominance of huge online media, the homogenization of large social media platforms that make the community feel global rather than local (although they would like to have it if you want (I’d follow them on Instagram) and the overwhelming feeling that no one in the media was having fun in the gritty 2020 Local media in Dimes Square includes a pirate radio station, Montez Press Radio, which won’t let you listen on demand, and a “natural style” fashion email newsletter, Opulent Tips, written by a GQ staff member with no fancy formatting . Many of the most exciting new products are being printed “as digital spaces become more and more monitored,” said Richard Turley, 44, former creative director of Bloomberg Businessweek, who started another downtown newspaper, Civilization, in 2018.

The Dimes Square scene caught my eye because its privileged residents embody a broader shift towards spaces safe from social media. The new Silicon Valley Social Audio App Clubhouse shares some of these values. And the choice of pressure has a political advantage. The channel’s first issue included a column titled, “Sorry You Have Been Canceled,” which is a list of names with no explanation “to keep you from looking stupid at an awake meeting.” (The second issue contained an apology to actor Terry Crews, whose name had been misspelled in the first issue and who, in the editor’s opinion, had indeed not been canceled.) A third recent newsprint project called The New Now, created by a co-founder of the Paper magazine announces on its front cover that it is “Free of Charge”, “Free of Advertising” and “Free of the Internet”.


March 7, 2021, 3:06 p.m. ET

The downtown media riot often dates back to the 1990s when model and actress Chloë Sevigny impersonated a nervous new scene on a New York profile just before she starred in the explicit 1995 film “Kids”. Ms. Sevigny, now 46, is an ongoing concern – The Drunken Canal has introduced their stylist, Haley Wollens. Ms. Sevigny told me she was “flattered and hoped that the children would gather for us all”. The latest germs of the current scene, however, are the podcasts, which have helped put a strain on the political map of left-wing populist politics, which Hillary Clinton is as hostile to Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump – especially one called the Red Scare, whose Die Co -Moderator Dasha Nekrasova lives near Dimes Square. Ms. Nekrasova, 30, said she admired the spirit of the drunken canal even though, like many of his admirers, she was actually unable to get her hands on a copy. She plays a crisis PR person on the upcoming season of “Succession” and has made a new feature film based on theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s death. The new Drunken Canal contains the prediction that “DASHA will be the new and better Chloë Sevigny”.

The unsafe sex of “kids” scandalized 1990s New York, but the best way to get a 2020 New York media response was to brag about indoor parties. 30-year-old writer and publicist Kaitlin Phillips, who sits near the center of a map of downtown personalities, became slightly notorious on Twitter for promoting smug attitudes through the worst pandemic last spring.

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