There’s still time to lower your tax bill with this last-minute move

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HSA benefits

“HSAs are one of the most tax-efficient vehicles we have,” said Kevin Mitchell, Certified Financial Planner and Partner at TrustCore in Brentwood, Tennessee.

There is an “over the line” tax break on HSA contributions, a benefit for filers who do not declare deductions, and those deposits can reduce adjusted gross income.

Another advantage is the ability to invest and increase HSA credit tax-free. Account holders can use the money for eligible medical expenses at any time with no tax or penalties.

HSAs are one of the most tax-advantageous vehicles we have.

Kevin Mitchell

Partner at TrustCore

Those with fewer medical bills can now even skip withdrawals to save for retirement health care.

“It’s one of the few types of accounts that gives you all-round tax breaks,” said Eric Bronnenkant, CFP and auditor at Betterment, a digital investment advisor.

Without “use-it-or-lose-it” rules, HSA credits can be renewed every year and, unlike flexible spending accounts, are portable for changing jobs.

Qualify for other tax breaks

Bronnenkant said the reduction in adjusted gross income offered more than a lower tax burden.

“It can help you qualify for other services,” he said.

For example, the final round of stimulus payments may drop above $ 150,000 for single applicants with adjusted gross income greater than $ 75,000 and for married couples.

This could also affect the $ 10,200 unemployed tax break available to those under $ 150,000, he said.

Individuals close to the thresholds can use HSA or individual contributions to the retirement account to be eligible.

“It really helps people who are on the limit,” he added.

However, talking to a financial advisor or tax professional can provide clues about the overall financial picture.

Be proactive with HSA contributions

With the end of the tax season, it could be time to weigh up HSA contributions for 2021, with the deadline for filing taxes shortened to next year.

“We always make sure customers know that when you find yourself in a position to qualify and be authorized, you should always maximize when cash flow allows,” said Mitchell.

Those looking to get the most of their HSA in 2021 can contribute up to $ 3,600 for auto insurance plans and $ 7,200 for family insurance.

A new increase in the HSA contribution must be taken into account for 2022. Individual filers can save up to $ 3,650, and families can set aside up to $ 7,300.

With the ability to make HSA deposits by the tax deadline, Bronnenkant said it was easy to save money for the wrong year.

“By default, the provider assumes that it is the year in which the contribution is made,” he added.

Account holders can avoid problems by checking their contribution year.

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