There’s a New Technique to Play HAUS With Children

A quick google search and you will find that there aren’t many modern playhouses out there. Most of them look too funny or out of date. Some of them have non-contact, gender-specific design elements that are really terrifying. The more contemporary options require you to use some DIY skills or pay a premium for the ready-to-use ones – and you still have to put them together yourself! When we found out about HAUS, we were excited because it solved all of these weak points. HOUSE was designed by Janos Stone and is a unique playhouse that serves as a blank canvas for children to discover their creativity and imagination. Its design is based on Bauhaus principles, according to which children develop their academic, social and emotional skills from tools and environments that encourage exploratory play. Stone, whose grandparents Gyorgy and Juliet Kepes were members of the Bauhaus movement, designed this playhouse to carry on their legacy.

HAUS is made from 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard. It arrives flat in a thin, convenient portfolio and can be assembled in minutes. HOUSE consists of just two parts, shaped by Velcro-like pads and held in place. The playhouse is robust, durable, colourfast and wipeable.

Our smallest Design Milk intern tested it herself and with a weight of 23 pounds can confirm that she can sit on the outer box and the playhouse won’t give in. 😉

The simple design of HAUS is what makes it so great. Kids can use paints and markers to draw on, and parents can hose it off afterward with no real wear and tear. We decided to use black circle decals for a Yayoi Kusama inspired look, but the possibilities of making this playhouse your own are endless. For hours of fun for the kids (and hours of quiet for the parents), this playhouse is a great way to spend your afternoon indoors or outdoors.

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