The Work Diary of Mira Mariah, Tattoo and ‘Woman Tradition’ Skilled

In an ideal world, Mira Mariah would always celebrate.

“I love parties so much, and I love how much parties relate to girl culture,” she said in a video interview. “This is something I like to study and in which I like to participate and that I like to talk about and about which I like to make art.”

The 28-year-old, who tattoos as @girlknewyork at the Fleur Noire tattoo studio in Brooklyn, creates art for people who, like her, want to adorn themselves with symbols of pampering days and bubbly nights. As announced in her Instagram biography, she is not only a tattoo artist, but also an “expert on girls’ culture”.

Her illustrations are inspired by a world where drunk strangers make friends in the bathroom and random celebrations force people to burst the bottle of champagne sitting in the back of their fridges.

“I’m obviously interested in helping people look and feel cool,” she said in one of our interviews late last month. “So I wanted to find different ways to get people from point A to point B.”

The interviews are conducted by e-mail, text and telephone, then compressed and processed.

7:30 a.m. I usually take Sundays and Mondays off, so Tuesday is the start of my work week. I wake up, make breakfast, and take a cold brew out of the fridge. I go for a walk with my dogs – a Pomeranian named Sulei and a Chihuahua named Chi Chi. I do light yoga and get dressed.

11 clock I arrive at 250 Broome Street where I have a room that is shared with a hair salon.

11:30 a.m. My managing director Camilla comes towards me. She’s bringing six samples of candles for review as we’re trying to create a scent that feels like Girl Knew York. We have the same favorite smell, which is like a spicy honey-leather scent. I told the candle makers I wanted something that smells like New York in the fall mornings when you wear a leather jacket with bodega coffee and a cigarette.

13 o’clock We have a call to Nordstrom about a project for the holidays. I want to do more styling and fashion, and this is a cool opportunity to put that goal into practice.

14 o’clock I email photographers and models about a photoshoot for my collaboration with MeUndies while I work on the pitch deck. I enjoy working with mood boards as they help me visualize which photographers, models, accessories and locations I want to use.

4 p.m. I have a mushroom toast with bacon and my third coffee of the day. I like to take some time to gossip with Camilla about things that are not working and to find out more.

6:30 in the evening Camilla and I meet for a drink with another illustrator and frequent customer. There are bars with outdoor seating on Broome Street and it’s a nice 75 degrees in November. I have an espresso martini and we are planning Bob Dylan’s client’s tattoo that we will do on Sunday.

8:30 p.m. I’m going to my friend’s home. Margot is already sleeping and my sister is out with her friends, so we can have a quiet time. I send emails looking at possible art studios that we can share. He makes furniture and has quarantined carpentry in his apartment, which is loud, chaotic and not particularly good for the neighbors.

10:30 p.m. I’m drawing some tattoo flashes – pre-drawn tattoos for people to choose from – for the December booking email that should have run out by now.

2:16 pm I accidentally stay on a Nordstrom deck.

7 o’clock in the morning I doze off my alarm clock and sleep a bit.

8 o’clock After sleeping, I realize that I forgot to send paperwork to my daughter’s school. I think a little about why I keep forgetting such details! Big guilt!

10:30 am My friend built a table for my business so he delivers it and finishes it up while I meet with my booking girl. She asks for 50 pieces of lightning for December. I did about 20 so I’ll be drawing tonight.

Noon. I’m having a breakfast burrito and buying some supplies for my tattoo shop. I write pictures to my friends of the deck I was working on last night to make sure it’s good.

14 o’clock I FaceTime my photographer. You were my daughter’s nanny and I was in love with you too. Now we’re good friends and we work very well together. You agree to rotate my Nordstrom content and possibly my MeUndies content, but I’m not sure if it’s weird to keep using the same person over and over again. I think it’s okay because Kim Kardashian does.

4:30 p.m. I draw to make a dent in this endless lightning gap. My booking girl smacked the walls for its convenience and my daughter watches Adventure Time – more guilty mothers but she seems so happy. I will read their additional books before bed to make up for that!

19:30 o’clock I come home, feed the girls’ meal, and keep my promise of five bedtime books. I am very tired and fall asleep in my daughter’s bed in the middle of lullabies.

22 O `clock I wake up from my accidental nap to draw on the couch while my sister sees Baby Driver. I’m drawing some swans that I saw Monday morning when my friend and I went to Mastic Beach for sunrise.

6.30 am I wake up and bribe my daughter to brush her teeth and hair.

8 o’clock I’ll drop Margot at school. I take cars today because the leg on which I have a prosthesis hurts me. I’ll wear a temporary leg until I find a way to get a permanent one through insurance.

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9 am I arrive at my shop to paint the walls.

13 o’clock I start my first tattoo appointment of the day with a scorpio and woman wrapping themselves around an ankle with flames.

3 pm My next client comes in for a spider tattoo. My daughter comes to the studio after school to visit me as I will work after bed and she is thrilled to see the spider. After I finish, Margot tells me about her school day while we eat deli sandwiches. I draw a lightning bolt while we hang out.

6 p.m. My client cancels at the last minute so I’m asking someone from the salon next door to wash and blow my hair out. All of my beauty services are on sale, but I still tip generously.

19 o’clock My last customer of the evening is so sweet; She gets a tattoo of a cloud and an ornate mirror.

21 clock I’m going to my friend’s house to see more of his quarantine carpentry projects before we head back to my house.

23 o’clock I’m taking a really hot bath – my body hurts! I cracked the makeshift denture today while painting on my knees.

Midnight. I should be drawing and writing a few emails, but I’ll just go to bed.

7 o’clock in the morning I get up and dress myself and my daughter.

9 am After dropping her off, I meet my girlfriend for breakfast. She has just started a linen company and is delivering a set that I ordered. New bedding sounds good to me because I think we will be under house arrest again soon, which is good and healthy for my city but terrifying for my mental and financial health.

10 am I arrive at my shop and add another coat of paint. I design my jewelry collection on the tables for my customers to see. I’m sending out some emails and sending out the decks I’ve been working on all week.

14 o’clock My first client comes for a strawberry tattoo.

4 p.m. My daughter visits me at work! We get food and chat while I post content and draw the design for my next client.

17 o’clock I’m tattooing a decapitated Marie Antoinette. I listen to the Strokes in honor of Sofia Coppola.

19 o’clock After I finish tattooing my apprentice and I give the shop a good clean. We discuss tattoos that we want to give each other – she’s really young, but I learn so much from her. The notes are from the project I sent out, and many of them need further revision. I’m frustrated and FaceTime my business manager who promises to help and says it’s not a bad thing.

8 p.m. I come home and my daughter is awake! I’m excited and we’ll have oatly ice cream and dance to Paris Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind”. I put her to bed a little late so I can enjoy my extra time with her.

22 O `clock I don’t watch much TV but everyone’s talking about “The Queen’s Gambit” so I watch an episode while wearing three lidocaine patches because my leg really hurts. I write with my prosthodontist about how we can approve a new prosthesis. I should be drawing, but I’m in great pain and I’m going to bed.

8 o’clock I get up with my daughter and make adjustments to the project.

10:30 am I do 10 minutes of yoga and then give up and get dressed.

12:30 pm I think I tattoo the most interesting man in the world. He gets a huge leopard with grapevines instead of spots. I feel so blessed that my clients share so much of their lives with me. He tells me how I broke horses in Costa Rica, danced in the ballet “Nutcracker” in West Point and played in Paris.

4 p.m. My second client comes in for a tattoo but they feel bad and I feel bad. I don’t like to tattoo something that big so I am offering them a small tattoo and a new appointment for free.

6 p.m. I’m home just in time! Rosaluna Mezcal gave me dinner and drinks that I could share with friends in exchange for contributions. My closest friends – my apprentice, manager, and sister – all dress properly to make it feel like we used to go to parties. We make mezcal negronis. It’s only girls who’ve been in my capsule since June, but wearing lipstick and eating and dancing is such a luxury these days.

21 clock I apologize from the dinner party to put my daughter to bed. I lay in her bed and emailed while she fell asleep, then rejoined my friends.

3 a.m. My sister passes out. Everyone goes home and I go to bed.

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