The Video Video games That Obtained Us Via 2020

The theme of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series seems to be that every decision you make is wrong. Set in the same universe as the popular comic and television show, the plot follows a young girl named Clementine (and a number of other characters) through the apocalypse. The episodic game is closer to an interactive narrative in which, in a limited amount of time, you choose dialogues and make lasting choices that affect the story.

The writing leads to decisions and conflicts that seem to mimic real life in 2020: an in-game radio broadcast states that the suffering was spreading uncontrollably, that the death toll skyrocketed, and that avoidance of contact with exposed people is vital was. During an actual pandemic, this act was different. I couldn’t help but think.

Jason M. Bailey, senior editor, National Desk

The annual Call of Duty games are known for frenetic multiplayer action and the fast pace – spawn, kill, kill, die, spawn, die, spawn – is addicting, but ultimately pointless. That’s what made the March release of Call of Duty: Warzone, a free, standalone battle royale, so refreshing. Warzone contains the weapons, grenades, and vehicles one would expect, but it also has a secret weapon: a narrative arc. Gun battles are followed by long periods of time during which you replenish your arsenal and reposition your squad. In quieter moments, you can hear doors creak.

Leslie Pedro, software developer

Since the inception of the suspension, I’ve focused back on open-world survival games and spent most of my time with Rust. It’s pretty punitive and not for everyone. You start out naked and alone with a stone and a torch for tools. From there, you’ll have to keep searching, gathering resources, and protecting what you’ve amassed from other players. I like to play solo, which makes me vulnerable to larger teams breaking into my Mazelian bases and trying to steal my loot despite my traps and towers. I don’t care if I lose what I’ve collected. I just enjoy building, defending, and exploring.

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