The RB Apartment in Tel Aviv Gets a Warm + Inviting Redesign

The RB Apartment in Tel Aviv was designed by Maya Sheinberger for a young couple, their baby, their cat and two dogs and is only 100 square meters. However, every inch is used to the full to create a modern home that is warm and casual. What was once an extremely old-fashioned apartment with limited interiors is now a refreshing and inviting space that feels much more updated.

Due to its open conception, the entire living space can be experienced the moment you walk through the door. You will immediately notice the hardwood oak parquet floors, the bespoke black iron shelves and extremely thin shelves, and a bespoke bench next to the windows that looks like concrete but is actually made of MDF and is painted to resemble the structure of the concrete.

Track lighting illuminates the designed shelf with books and design objects. The shelf was also designed to create a specific space for the television.

Next to the entrance is the dining area and kitchen. The latter consists of two vertical units: a shorter unit with only lower cabinets, a sink, dishwasher and wine cooler; and a longer unit with an additional worktop, stove and a larger unit with a refrigerator, oven, microwave and air conditioning. The black track lighting is replicated from the living room, and the cylinder lights provide even more light. Two conical pendants, also in black, provide direct light above the dining table.

The master bedroom has a bathroom which is separated from the sleeping area by a glass partition with a sliding door and a steel frame. In the bathroom, black fittings contrast with the subway tiles, while the floating wooden washbasin provides warmth.

The guest room currently serves as the couple’s office. The second bathroom was planned in place of the existing guest bathroom and its design reflects the same range of materials and colors as the main bathroom.

On the other side of the master bedroom is the children’s room, which also adopts a neutral but warmer color palette.

Photos by Itay Benit.

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