The Prism Chiminea Is Prepared for You To Spend Winter Outdoor

The New York based architect and designer Drew Seskunas and his new office SAW.EARTH have released a new version of the legendary Malm fireplace. Compact, 3 feet tall, just the right size for balconies and patios, the Prism Chiminea is ready to help us continue creating outdoor social distance this winter and beyond.

I grew up at a campsite on the east coast with my parents and their friends, and rings of fire are a lovely childhood memory that I associate with family and togetherness. An outdoor fireplace was always something I wanted to design for myself. In view of the social challenges posed by COVID-19, I am pleased that I can offer a backyard function that enables year-round collecting for a wide audience.

– Drew Seskunas

The wood-burning outdoor fireplace has a geometric trilateral design that sets off flames and smokes the flute, as well as a double-walled system that deflects heat outwards. The prism itself is made of pre-painted, laser-cut and heat-resistant aluminum that has been painted, riveted and folded. This practice enables the prevention of corrosion and wear and tear from natural elements over time. An insert made of anodized gold sheet reflects light and heat from the fireplace and creates a warm and inviting glow. Choose between red and black and enjoy the cool temperatures again.

Chiminea front view

Rear view of Chiminea

Chiminea detail

Chiminea lit.

Chiminea lit.


The Prism Chiminea is sold exclusively on and is in stock for immediate shipment across the country. Minor assembly is required.

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