The Phénix House Blends European and Asian Aesthetics

The Phénix House is a minimalist house in Montreal, Canada designed by Appareil Architecture. The renovation of the duplex sought to balance a mix of European and Asian aesthetics and combine materials, styles and influences.

In the middle of the kitchen is a large island made of stainless steel, a convenient material to meet the customer’s desire for a professional kitchen. The industrial aesthetic contrasts with white tones surrounded by wood.

Much of the project was bespoke, including the chairs for the built-in furniture in the kitchen and stairwell. As described by the studio: “The central staircase plays an important role: it is the connection between the rooms. As the kitchen and living room are segmented without completely sealing them off, a connection is made between the levels and movement is added. “

Photography by Félix Michaud.

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