The PENDA Outdoor Furniture Collection Is Striking + Welcoming

Francesc Rifé is known for his architectural and minimalist style PENDA Outdoor furniture collection for Oiside. PENDA carefully and elegantly uses a mix of materials and different shapes to create a unique aesthetic that is as eye-catching as it is inviting. The collection includes sofas, an armchair, coffee tables, a chaise longue, a dining table and dining chairs.

The structural elements of PENDA alternate between flat surfaces and aluminum profiles that create real continuity, while upholstered elements add a more practical element. The joints in the collection are barely noticeable thanks to the mechanized technology. A hand-made, corked pad is included with the armchairs and sofas by PENDA. The modern outdoor furniture collection can be easily configured for different outdoor areas and is available in a range of colors, textiles and sizes. Oiside also offers more customized options depending on the size, color palette, project and space.

Outdoor furniture collection

Outdoor garden furniture outdoor

upholstered armchair


Two-seater sofa

Double sofa

three-seater sofa

Triple sofa

upholstered square stool


padded chaise longue

Deck chair

Upholstered bench with table


Upholstered bench


coffee table

Small table

coffee table

Small table

round coffee table

Small table


Dining table


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