The OPPO Renovators 2021 Project Is Underway!

About OPPO and Renovators Project
Although the areas of art and technology seem very different at first, they are often intertwined in the design world. OPPO, a leading global smart device brand, believes that this intersection of art and technology is where the most promising, creative, and innovative ideas emerge. That is why they created the OPPO Renovators Project (named after OPPO’s Reno cell phone series). The Renovators Project, also known as the OPPO Emerging Artists Project, is now in its third year looking for talents and designers who can showcase their creativity and unconventional thinking through this year’s theme of light. The Renovators 2021 project is currently underway and the deadline for submission is August 29, 2021, so submit your contributions today!

Chasing the Sky by OPPO Renovators 2020

AI Galapagos from OPPO Renovators 2020

About OPPO Renovators 2021
Light has long been a symbol of positivity, love, hope and enlightenment. These motifs repeatedly serve as inspiration for the lighting designs and designers that we presented at Design Milk, which is why we are curious to see what ideas the young designers of this generation will develop by 2021. The project encompasses two professional categories: Art Tech and Art Toy. Under Art Tech, artists and designers can submit their ideas exploring the merging of art and technology. As part of Art Toy, participants have the opportunity to reinvent OPPO’s mascot, Ollie – the virtual guardian of young artists’ dreams – in the form of a collectible designer toy. A third category called Portrait Capture encourages creative enthusiasts to submit their human stories in the form of portrait pictures or videos.

Front, side and back views of Ollie

Why the Art Toys category
Here at Design Milk we introduced artists and designers who create art objects that do not fall under traditional categories such as furniture or lighting. A toy is just that, a fun and exciting way to explore your creativity and unique expression through an alternative format. The Art Toy category by OPPO Renovators offers young designers and up-and-coming talents the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and showcase their innovative thinking when redesigning Ollie.

Space Ollie from OPPO Renovators 2020

Your advantages when you join OPPO Renovators in 2021
While the winning designers receive awards and generous cash prizes, there are other good reasons to attend, including expanded promotion through global exhibitions such as the London Design Festival and Dubai World Expo, as well as global online exhibitions. Participants can also be commissioned by OPPO to further realize their creative ideas as official OPPO designers. Last but not least, you’ll also get valuable feedback from the renowned artists and designers on this year’s jury, which includes international designer Kashiwa Sato, video art inventor Gary Hill, audiovisual artist Ryoichi Kurokawa, and branding advisor Tommy Li.

Art and technology will continue to go hand in hand when it comes to design. There are no limits to creativity in art and technology makes the ideas of art possible. We look forward to the results of OPPO Renovators 2021 because if there is a generation that has the least restrictions in both areas, it is this generation of artists and designers.

The submission deadline is August 29, 2021. Submit your designs here today.

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