The New Yorker Journal Union Workers Stage Daylong Walkout

The New Yorker’s union employees didn’t go to work Thursday.

The New York Union’s 100+ employees, which include fact checkers, web producers and a few other editorial staff, opted for the full-day strike after recent rounds of negotiations with management failed, said Natalie Meade, chairwoman of the union.

The problem is the payment. Ms. Meade, a fact-checker for the magazine, said the union wants to raise the minimum wage to $ 65,000. In recent negotiations, The New Yorker executives failed to hit that number and instead offered pay hikes that they described as “offensive”.

“They already know they are underpaying us,” said Ms. Meade.

The union, which does not represent the authors of the New York employees, has been working on a collective agreement since 2018. The strike started at 6 a.m. on Thursday and was supposed to last 24 hours.

Before the negotiations, the union conducted a salary study based on data from Condé Nast, the magazine’s parent company. The survey found that union workers at The New Yorker had an average salary of $ 64,000 and that the company’s editorial assistants received an average salary of $ 42,000.

In a statement on Thursday, a New York spokesman said that salary proposals made during recent rounds of negotiations were “initial offers”.

“We hope that, contrary to measures like this, the union will negotiate in good faith and return a counter-proposal, as is customary in negotiations,” the statement said. “This way we can work productively together to get a final contract as quickly as possible.”

The New York spokesman also criticized the union’s wage study, adding, “We are committed to fair pay. We dispute certain conclusions of this study and are determined to reach a fair agreement. “

In September, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York, withdrew from the New York Festival’s keynote speaker slots in solidarity with union workers planning a digital picket line for print management for a “just cause” to be included in their agreement.

“Just Reason” is a provision often found in union contracts that sets a standard that employers must adhere to in order to discipline disciplinary or fire service workers. New York management eventually agreed to include it.

The New York Union is part of the NewsGuild of New York, which represents employees of the New York Times, Reuters, The Daily Beast, and other news outlets.

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