The Minimalist Patricia Residence in Montreal by Dupont Blouin Architectes

The Patricia Residence is a minimalist house in Montreal, Canada designed by Dupont Blouin Architectes. During the renovation, an extension should be integrated on three levels of the building to create space for a large dining area and a multifunctional room on the upper level.

The kitchen, which is surrounded by two volumes, is open and contains integrated appliances that specifically hide the stairs. The focus of the project is the kitchen for the rest of the adjoining rooms. An L-shaped counter provides additional counter space, slightly enclosing the area, but maintaining visual transparency throughout the area.

On the upper level, the extension has created a new multifunctional program that can be used as an office, yoga room or living room. As described by the architects: “A bright office that makes working at home pleasant and stands out from the small room in which the old one stood and in which the architects have installed a bathroom for the master bedroom.”

Photography by Olivier Blouin.

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