The Minimalist Multifunctional D&DEPARTMENT JEJU by Schemata Architects

D & JEJU DEPARTMENT of ARARIO is a minimalist multifunctional space in Jeju, South Korea, designed by Schemata Architects. The project includes a restaurant, shop, gallery, workshop and hotel-like rooms that serve as an extension of the shop. The building was designed as a mutual cultural exchange point.

For the hotel rooms, referred to as the “d room”, the rooms face north-south along the central corridor, with each room having a window facing the outside. No two rooms have the same floor plan or have unique irregular floor plans.

In the shop, items from the common area and private rooms – including furniture, plants and other goods – are offered for sale. Since one building was not enough to accommodate all functions, the architects combined two buildings into one.

Photography by Ju Yeon Lee.

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