The Minimal Circus Wood Chair by EDITS Design

Circus Wood is a minimalist chair designed by the Vancouver-based studio EDITED design. A well-known re-edition of the archetypal mid-century Scandinavian wooden chair, Circus Wood uses innovative construction details and advanced manufacturing to achieve its elegant shape.

Manufactured in one of the oldest and most experienced family businesses in Italy, the chair is an intelligent mix of industrial production and meticulous craftsmanship. The chair is geared towards gentle sustainability and is manufactured in FSC-certified and sustainably managed forests throughout Europe.

The result is a chair that has no visible fixings other than the screws under the seat that connects the frame. The upholstery fabrics are made from natural fibers, paints and adhesives do not cause VOC emissions. Even the packaging is made from recycled content and is itself completely recyclable, with only a small amount of EPE foam protecting the particularly exposed areas.

Photos by Conrad Brown.

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