The Lush and Luxurious Sanya EDITION on Hainan Island

At the extreme southern tip of China in the South China Sea, directly across from Vietnam, lies Hainan, an island province where the warm, humid climate, surrounded by a wooded, mountainous interior, envelops everyone who comes to this tropical destination. The Sanya EDITION on Hainan Island is one of the best coastal resorts in the area, a tranquil grandiose resort stretching over 50 acres.

With an architecture and scale somewhat reminiscent of the modern monolithic ocean resorts on the Pacific coast in Los Cabos, Mexico, this South China Sea-run resort, run by Ian Schrager, embraces contemporary organic design with neutral textiles and wood-paneled surfaces. The resort’s teak lattice, combined with immersive tropical landscaping, contains the horseshoe-shaped grandiosity of the Sanya, which doesn’t become imposing but instead acts as a structural framework for the ocean landscape, which is home to 900 different tree species on the terraced hillside.

The Sanya EDITION’s 501 guest rooms are tastefully decorated and fortunately lean towards comfort rather than just an exercise in projecting a style. Oak furniture is carefully paired with subtly textured limestone floors, with the better options – suites and lofts – offering guests free-standing white stone bathtubs sensually hidden behind dramatic, curved white curtains. The best are the 17 glass-boxed villas with a view of the water, each 1,614 m² and with its own large private pool.

The southern city of Sanya is known for its beaches (as beautiful as it is, the strong currents make the beaches here a “look, but don’t touch” affair), a coastline that stretches from 22 km long Sanya Bay to Crescent is enough. shaped Yalong Bay.

Along with the pools, beach, and purpose-built “ocean” for guests to escape the tropical humidity, those looking for more strenuous adventure are invited to climb hilly trails that lead into the Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone, a route with bridges and dotted with waterfalls.

Amenities include an ESPA skin care spa, expansive fitness and exercise room, gallery, bar, and restaurant – the most notable is the Xian Hai By The Sea, a restaurant where guests can dine by boat The floating glass platforms of the resort are transported with characteristic teak lattice detailing.

What: Sanya EDITION on Hainan Island
Where: NO. 100 North Haitang Road,
Sanya, China 572013
How much: From $ 360 per night, double occupancy
Highlights: Each of Sanya EDITION’s 501 guest rooms has a view of the water. Food is the focus of the theater, with floating platform dining rooms and a huge man-made “sea” offering guests an abundance of water sports.
Design draw: China’s southern holiday island of Hainan recently announced the start of the province’s first Hainan Design Week, which is planned for this November in collaboration with Italy. The four-day design expo is expected to attract more than 200,000 visitors.
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Photos courtesy of EDITION Hotels.

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