The Lexus LF-Z Electrified Interior as a Virtual Canvas

A shoe designer, an artist and a fashion label enter a Lexus design studio …

It may sound like the beginning of a joke, but Lexus has actually invited a trio of creatives well outside the realm of automotive design to imagine what the car brand’s battery-electric concept vehicle, the LF-Z Electrified, might look like after liberating the limitations of both Industry as well as security standards. The results of the blue sky explored by sneaker designer Salehe Bembury, digital artist Ondrej Zunka and Japanese fashion label Hender Scheme are all wildly and wildly different …

Salehe Bembury
The shoe designer’s colorful virtual interior contrasts “machine and nature” with a unique use of speckled sandstone surfaces and other natural hues introduced using natural materials such as cedar, cork and granite. Bembury’s approach is based on his sneaker design background and covers his seats with “hairy” suede and a fingerprint motif on the vehicle’s control panel. This ornament was often found in the designer’s work and requested a personalized control panel here.

“Just like with shoes, Salehe has pushed the boundaries of design in terms of materials, silhouette and storytelling,” said Brian Bolain, general manager at Lexus International. “He’s one of the most exciting designers in The Sneaker Room right now, and he embodies the bold thinking and energy we see in Lexus’ future. “

Ondrej Zunka
“This interior design is purely speculative, so I allowed free associations and pure imagination and creativity,” says Zunka. “I wanted the interior to feel like it wasn’t made by humans, but maybe designed by sophisticated artificial intelligence. I wanted to go beyond all known language and design concepts and forget what is normally used in automobile interiors. “

Hender scheme
The virtual leather interior of the Tokyo-based Hender Scheme is arguably the quietest of the three, with a monochrome cover that harks back to Lexus’ vaunted Takumi craftsmanship – specialist artisans from Asakusa, Tokyo who deserve high respect and status for the 60,000 have hours of experience under their belts.

For their virtual LF-Z Electrified interior, Hender Scheme envisions a completely untreated leather interior, with the intention that the room will take on a deepened patina over time, as a conceptual allusion to “the passage of time and the relationship of the driver the vehicle.”

Just don’t expect any of these three designs to see the light of day as they merely reflect Lexus’ efforts to showcase the LF-Z Electrified as a forward-looking symbol that recognizes the wildest concepts of today and tomorrow’s standards.

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