The Hearth Warmly Enlivens the Home With a Twist

The traditional role of the hearth in homes around the world has been to provide a place for friends and family to gather around the warmth of a fire and fellowship. The designer Max Burton from Industrial Craft picks up on this age-old heart of the house with The Hearth, a concept that reinterprets an electric heater as a coffee table to literally warm up a contemporary atmosphere.

The Hearth envisions the experience of snuggling up by a fire to be more accessible to the world’s largest and fastest growing population: city dwellers.

The stove works like a huge thermostat dial disguised as a modern round coffee table. Rotating the table top clockwise will gradually mechanically open the base of the Hearth’s fin, revealing a warm core and source of ambient light, which are differently reminiscent of a small fire.

Another concept exploration shows a rotating design similar to that of The Hearth, but on a much smaller scale: a combination of a twelve-hour calendar and an analog clock with an integrated digital display for calendar applications.

Industrial Craft is based in the San Francisco Mission District and acts as a design, prototype and test studio. Founder Max Burton has worked as a leading product designer for 35 years, including for Nike, Disney, Virgin and Google. Additional information on The Hearth and other projects on

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