The Gozney Dome Professional Grade Outdoor Oven

We don’t believe we are alone when we say our garden has been both a haven and a haven over the past year. And with the return of spring and warm weather, and hopes for safer times and small outdoor gatherings, our minds have focused on outdoor entertainment. Top of our want list: the Gozney Dome Grill, an old-school hybrid of wood-fired ovens with a few tech tweaks, including dial controls designed to speed things up and heat things up to restaurant temperatures.

There is a wide variety of outdoor wood-burning stoves on the market for roasting, steaming, baking and smoking. All of them work in generally the same way, using a combination of shape and material to create a tight cavity for heat to be stored and radiated over a uniform cooking area. The Gozney Dome was developed in collaboration with the product development consultant IDC and is characterized by its contemporary appearance. It has a number of built-in features designed to optimize outdoor cooking with variable heat, including a 30mm stone floor and insulated cavity, built-in digital thermometer and display, ventilation controller and steam injector.

The dome can be cooked with either wood alone or wood with gas, with the outside covered with a ceramic-bonded outer coating for outdoor use and durability.

The Gozney Dome takes a page out of the technical area and is also equipped with an accessory dock that invites you to use-specific upgrades such as a cold smoking attachment or an automated pellet burner. An optional $ 299 stand with wheels adds portability and storage space, and a Dome Steam Injector accessory optimizes humidity for those looking to step up their bread-making game.

The Gozney Dome is capable of cooking temperatures of up to 950 ° F (with the door open), allowing steaks to be seared with the most coveted delicious char while maintaining a moist and tender interior. Charring vegetables using the same wood fire method is also a tasteful technique that we thought the dome would be familiar with.

In contrast to the standard standalone grill or smaller portable pizza ovens, the Gozney Dome weighs a proud 30 kg even without accessories. The weight reflects its density, which consists of heat-retaining materials and insulation (a ceramic fiber insulation film with a sub-floor made of calcium silicate insulation).

Undoubtedly, an outdoor oven worth $ 1,299 is a great boon, but if you’re a home cook whose regular recipe repertoire includes pizza, bread, steaks, and roasted vegetables, the dome’s combination of sleek design and high-temperature performance could make a reasonable investment that pays for itself in its versatility. The dome is currently available for pre-order from in bone or olive versions.

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