The Futuristic Obsidian House by Black Creatives for Black Households in 2025

Back in November, we reported a little about the Obsidian Virtual Concept House, the first initiative of the Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG), a non-profit organization founded by Malene Barnett to counter the lack of representation of black talent and culture in the Design industry. The global platform represents a curated selection of independent black designers, artists and makers from various disciplines. To make their inaugural project a reality, they reached out to 23 of their members and two budding creators to envision the future of a black family home as if it were 2025. The futuristic virtual concept house in Obsidian is practically in Oakland Hills, California and “Addresses decades of environmental injustice and offers developers an opportunity to share their ingenuity and Africa-centric perspectives on the home,” says Barnett.

Each designer designed his room according to four principles – innovation, technology, sustainability and futurism – based on seven principles: wellness, identity, maintenance, terra, legacy, ancestral future and living. The project celebrates black creativity and culture and “changes the narrative about the definition of spaces in the home,” shares Everick Brown, BADG creator and member of the Obsidian Committee. “We would like to invite new conversations about the space of the house as a thriving place for black families.”

Below is a selection of the 25 rooms designed for the Obsidian Virtual Concept House:

Sankofa: Legacy Wall (Feature Wall) by Malene Barnett by Malene Barnett

Analog Vestibule (Recreation, Utility Room, Landing & Patios) by Everick Brown by Everick Brown Design

Soul Center (middle) + family foyer (entrance / family cleaning / cleaning) by Kelly Finley of Joy Street Design

The Barka Dal – “An Abundance of Greetings” (Cleanse / Pause) by Cheryl Umbles of Cheryl Umbles Interior Design

The wellness suit (workout / wellness / steam) by Kīyonda Powell from the Kīyonda Powell Design Studio

The Royal Bedroom Oasis (sleep / terrace / sun / dress) by Marie Burgos by Marie Burgos Design

Moon House (rest / lounge / cooking / cleaning / washing) by Cristina Casanas-Judd & General Judd by me and General Design

A place of retreat and calm (Sleep & Cleanse) by Bernadette Berry from B-Framework

The Umoja room (hangout / learning / playing) by Lisa Turner from Interior Obsession

The Atlantic (lounge / cook / terrace + calf / swimming / water) by Anishka Clarke & Niya Bascom from Ishka Designs

The rendering of the Obsidian Virtual Concept House

In addition to unveiling the interior of the Obsidian Virtual Concept House, the Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG) will be celebrating throughout February with the OBSIDIAN EXPERIENCE, during which the house will be further explored, along with live discussions aimed at stimulating thoughtful conversations Home is a thriving place for a million black families. For more information, visit the OBSIDIAN EXPERIENCE at and to support the BADG, click here!

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