The Colourful LOQI Workplace Contains Futuristic Work Capsules

If you ever want to inspire your employees, you should create a lively workplace that evokes energy and creativity, similar to the LOQI headquarters in Berlin. The new LOQI offices were designed by Tina Bunyaprasit and Werner Aisslinger from Studio Aisslinger and break with the convention. Instead, they offer a lively color palette with white and gray basics paired with rich colors that bring the room to life. Colorful, international, sustainable. Three words the designers included in the design plan for the young, global brand known for its playful bags and tote bags.

The workspaces will constantly change over time based on the needs of the company. You are also causing a worldwide pandemic and having a lot of unknowns about the future. In order to plan ahead, the flexible workspace was designed like “living, breathing organisms” that are adaptable and accommodating to employees and enable them to decide how, where and when to work.

The 1,000 square meter room is a giant white box in which all of the components are changed to create new work areas, demolition rooms, and individual work pods.

There are times when people need to isolate themselves in order to focus on their work, which makes these colorful, futuristic work pods perfect for the job. The arched window still allows the person to keep an eye on what’s going on outside while providing a quieter space to focus.

Photos © Nicoló Lanfranchi.

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