The Climate System by Schiavello Adapts to the Ever-Evolving Workplace

One constant in today’s working world is change, and the ability of a company to adapt to these changes is crucial for success. Schiavello’s air conditioning system was developed with this idea of ​​the complete malleability of the workplace in mind and enables organizations, teams and individuals to design and personalize their work environment to meet their own specific needs. It is then just as easy for them to adapt to new situations as they arise. Climate allows you to easily design and reform workspaces by quickly adding, removing or changing elements and changing layouts. Climate was created for change, so to speak.

Peter Schiavello, Managing Director of Schiavello, and employee Peter Geyer, founder and former CEO of the strategic design consultancy Geyer, have recruited a team of renowned experts in the fields of design, behavioral psychology and data analysis. The expert group included the futurist Susan Oliver, the Australian fashion designer Akira Isogawa, the Italian “color master” Giulio Ridolfo, the ergonomist David Caple, the acoustic consultant Marshall Day and Schiavello’s own design studio. Based on the team’s research and advice, Climate was originally developed ahead of its time and has since continued to evolve to reflect the current climate – a window where the system gets its name.

Climate change from organic to individual configuration within a workplace.

To go beyond today’s workplaces, which are usually attached to a floor slab, Schiavello developed the Climate system, which behaves like loose furniture, using three key elements: channel, articulator and table. Freestanding channels support the infrastructure, including power and data, monitor arms, partitions and accessories.

A flexible articulator connects the canals together, while the table sits independently of the canal and offers more versatility. Access is via ceiling or floor-mounted branches, these branches can be swiveled so that a whole string of workstations can be swiveled around a 120-degree axis. What does it all mean? We no longer have to plan and design in a straight line and workplaces can be rethought without tools or craftsmen.

Air-conditioning ducts were developed with the ideal of complete malleability of the work area and can be easily moved.

Adjust the air conditioning system further with the help of the innovative ColourLab range from Schiavello, which offers a well thought-out selection of surfaces for work, study and living spaces. Curated by Italian “color master” Giulio Ridolfo, the palette expertly balances color, texture and layering across a variety of materials. A collection of electrical options for Climate includes integrated service modules available in the Schiavello ColourLab powder coating range, and all service needs for power and data can be accommodated above and below the countertop. A constantly growing selection of accessories, including storage solutions, screens, markers and more, supports the personalization of every workstation.

Schiavello’s air conditioning system does the thinking in advance for you. Whether the entire work area needs to be reconfigured for a new hire or just a few tables for part of a project, you are ready.

View the full range of Climate Workstations and learn more about them from Schiavello.

The Climate range of accessories includes various intelligent storage solutions that seamlessly connect to the Climate system, including magazine holders, shelves, stationery organizers and bag hooks.

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