The Braun Trimmer Evolution Concept Shaves Away the Extraneous Details

Designer Bas Kamp was frustrated after years of working as a personal care design consultant. “This is where marketers make the decisions and set the design rules that result in products that look like F1 racing cars.” This is certainly a hassle for most designers in all industries to empathize with. Eindhoven-based Kamp would take the opportunity to re-imagine what their ideal hair and beard trimmer might look like, freed from such trending concerns that would lead to the concept of the Braun Trimmer Evolution.

The resulting Braun Trimmer Evolution is based heavily on the design principles of Dieter Rams, a concept that has no special features and no branding. “I believe that a quieter appearance fits better into the bathroom environment,” says Kamp. The design exploration even includes one of Dieter Rams’ design principles – “Good design is inconspicuous” – as a statement and reminder on the packaging.

While the trimmer is a concept (which we hope Braun or another manufacturer would commit to manufacturing), the design underscores the simplicity and commitment to functionality that never goes out of style.

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