Technics New Entry Level SL-100C Turntable Keeps Things Simple

When it comes to setting records, there are only a few brands that carry the historic seal of approval as a technology. The brand’s form-by-function simplicity is one of its most valued traits, but Technics turntables are also noted for their high-rigidity cabinets, high-damping insulation, and coreless direct drive motors – all traits any aspiring audiophile can quickly expect They think they are growing from “I just want to listen to records” to a setup with more serious aspirations. The Technics SL-100C, the new entry-level turntable, offers a minimalist option while maintaining some premium specs that are well between entry-level and top shelf.

Frank Balzuweit, Product Manager at European Technics, describes the brand’s premium model – the SL-1500C – as a blueprint for using the plug-and-play functions of this model and a similarly “attractive package at an even lower price” to produce. The result is an entry-level model with some notable premium features such as an iron-coreless direct drive motor and a high-precision S-shaped aluminum tonearm.

You may be wondering where the tech was cut and cut to bring the price down from the $ 1,200 price of the SL-1500C. This cheaper model comes with an Audio-Technica VM95C cassette and the phono preamplifier has been removed so you will have to bring your own amplifier.

No word on US availability / pricing yet, but the Technics SL-100C will be available in Europe from June 2021 for £ 799 / € 899.

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