Stylex Adds More Solutions for the Hybrid Office With Free Address 2.0

When introducing the new work environment, you have probably already come across the term “hybrid work” or a variation of it. Yes, the pandemic has forced us to change the way we work, but it has also made us rethink the way we work – what is possible, what works, what no longer works, and what the future of office space might be. If you work for companies like Slack or Twitter, you might never have to return to the office. For the rest of us, flexibility is the key, which Stylex had in mind with its new Free Address 2.0 space solution. Building on the line’s original Free Address collection, the new modular furniture system creates more privacy, storage space, organization and options for equipping your new office space.

Free Address 2.0 contains a variety of configurable components, including seating, tables, privacy screens, shelves, lockers, planters and accessories. Available in a wide range of powder-coated colors, upholstery styles and integrated power options, the system makes it easy to create environments for unobtrusive work, collaboration and touch-bases, as well as spontaneous meetings. While we may never return to the way we worked in the past, Free Address 2.0 gives us the tools to create a semblance of everyday office life without sacrificing style, security, or productivity.

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