Spacekit Launches Snappy New Modular Wall Decor

I am so bored of my walls. Since March I’ve been thinking about depriving them of art and starting over every week, actually much more often. But there is good news for all of us who spend their time living and working in the same room! And that’s the recently launched home decor brand Spacekit and the release of their customizable, modular wall decor system.


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Spacekit was founded by live event and entertainment designers who suddenly had nothing to design (no personal Oscars or MTV awards! No storefronts in retail!) During a global pandemic. It was developed in response to COVID-19. They have brought together their more than 25 years of experience and started to create customizable wall decor for living and office spaces.

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Choose a curated design package or use the Spacekit configurator to customize something unique for you. Choose the colors, surfaces, sizes (25 cm or 50 cm frame) and the arrangement of your wall decor, sit back and relax while the team creates and sends everything right on your doorstep.

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Spacekit’s system seems incredibly easy to use, especially if hanging things on the wall really isn’t your thing ✋. It comes with all of the hardware you need to install it – a spirit level, 2 “or 4” standoffs, and Command® Strips from 3M – and you don’t even have to drill a hole in the wall! We know renters will especially appreciate this last part.

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The textured art panels snap into place so the next time a global crisis (we hope not!) Or boredom strikes you can swap out the designs in minutes. They can even be hung in multiple configurations and layouts whether a large, seamless piece of art suits your style or whether you want to spread the panels out for a more abstract look using the included measuring spacers. Many of Spacekit’s designs can be given a completely new look by rearranging the panels – MAGIC!

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One last detail that happens to be a favorite of ours: Spacekit’s panels are made from sustainable upcycling rice hulls. The entire system is manufactured in Pennsylvania using a zero-waste manufacturing process. So not only do you get eye-catching new artwork, but it is also thoughtfully created.

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As new designs are already in the works, Spacekit’s product range will be expanded in the coming weeks for holiday shopping and for the New Year! Each order is made to measure in a Pennsylvania facility and is currently shipping throughout the United States.

Shop today at and get 15% off your entire order when you use code DM15. Follow Spacekit on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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