Skagerak Will Make Working From Residence Simpler and Extra Organized

Skagerak is a family company that was founded in Denmark in 1976 with the aim of creating high quality wooden furniture based on Scandinavian craftsmanship. Thanks to high quality materials and impeccable attention to detail, each design is suitable for the last generations. The Danish brand brings its historical roots to the table and combines them with modern sensibilities that lead to Nordic classics that you will appreciate and love. Additionally, you can feel good knowing that you have invested deeply in sustainability, starting with the materials used, production methods and partnerships. With many of us still working from home, we are constantly looking for options that can improve this scenario, and Skagerak has managed to come up with well-made, practical, and beautiful designs just for this purpose. The WFH collection includes everything from compact desks and a stool to organization trays and a pen holder to make your setup work optimally and look professional at the same time.

Dania letter tray

>>> Buy >>> Dania Letter Tray

Nomad Oak Trays

Nomad Oak Trays

Nomad Oak Trays

Nomad Oak Small Tray + Nomad Oak Pen Holder

>>> Buy >>> Nomad Oak Letter Holder

>>> Buy >>> Nomad Oak Small Tray

>>> Buy >>> Nomad Oak Large Tray

>>> Buy >>> Nomad Oak Box

>>> Buy >>> Nomad Oak Pen Holder

Nomad Oak pen holder with lid on

Georg desk + Georg anniversary stool

>>> Buy >>> Georg Desk

Georg Desk 2 Leg Wall Desk + Georg Jubilee Stool

>>> Buy >>> Georg Desk 2 Leg Wall Desk

Georg Desk Drawer Add-On

>>> Buy >>> Georg Desk Drawer (Add-On)

Georg anniversary stool

>>> Buy >>> Georg Jubilee stool

>>> Shop the Skagerak WFH collection here and click here to see the entire Skagerak collection! <

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