Showering Under the Nebia by Moen Quattro Saves up to 50% Water

Nebia made a lot of buzz not long ago, thanks to an early investment by a particularly notable figure in engineering and a novel way of atomizing water into the most microscopic droplets. However, the earlier versions of Nebia’s water-efficient shower heads, which combined an all-encompassing proprietary spray nozzle design that saved up to 65% water, weren’t cheap, as is often the case with innovative designs. Fortunately this is new Nebia by Moen Quattro retains some of the same features of its more expensive and minimalist design, but at a much cheaper price.

In contrast to the other two shower head designs from Nebia, the Quattro looks more like a traditional shower head – although it is overall contemporary in design (especially in completely black). The chunky, disc-shaped, 6.5-inch-wide head houses controls to control the flow of water in four different spray modes that can be selected by sliding the click-in-place lever: Hard Spray, Soft Spray, Super Saver, and Angel Hair.

Three of these modes deliver a jet that is typical of almost any variable jet shower head, but the Quattro’s soft spray setting feels different than any shower head I’ve used, and gives off a unique feel that is more like it walking through the misty exhalation of a waterfall is reminiscent of percussive droplets that I associate with showers.

The atomizing soft spray setting does not soak the body so much, but rather enchants the body with an all-encompassing feeling of warmth or cold. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that this spray does more than just a viable job of removing soap and soapy water. During a sudden rise in temperature, this gentlest spray setting also provided an extremely welcome respite from the heat while using significantly less water than our previous shower head (Nebia and Moen say “up to 50%” at 1.2-1.5 gallons.). per minute flow rate). What’s interesting is the fact that the shower head’s Super Saver mode is even trickier with water flow, producing droplets as small as 1,000 microns. Compared to our other shower head, none of the sprays are as powerful, but neither did they deliver a disappointing shower.

The Quattro is also available as a hand shower.

In addition to saving water, the Quattro is also designed to prevent plastics from polluting the seas by making plastic components from recycled marine plastic components. The shower head installation also requires almost no DIY skills, which can be installed in minutes with a few simple steps.

Moen Quattro’s Nebia is currently in crowdfunding mode via Kickstarter starting at $ 99 / $ 119, and will eventually sell for $ 129 for the Rainshower model and $ 149 for the Handshower edition, each offered in five different flavors. Nebia also sells a range of other branded accessories, including a diatomaceous earth Quick-Dry Earth Mat, a stick-on shelf, and an adjustable shower arm to complete the entire bathroom upgrade.

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