Shop 6 of Our Favorite AAPI Etsy Makers

As you may already know, May is Heritage Month for the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI). The month of May was chosen to mark the immigration of the first Japanese person to the United States on May 7, 1843, and the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869. Most of the individual railroad ties were laid by Chinese immigrants. Some of our favorite Etsy home decor makers are members of the AAPI community, and we wanted to share them and their work with you today. You can find even more talented AAPI shops here.

Concrete plate / tray from Gemwelove

New York-based designers Han Kwon and Jieun Youn create a modern, concrete home decor with sleek lines and subdued pops of color. Believing that every moment we experience should be considered important, the duo stand behind the idea that we have to live our days amidst beauty.

two bars of soap and cleaning brush

Solid natural detergent from RFRESHSOAP

RFRESHSOAP specializes in natural skin care, soaps and balms and is committed to sustainable business. All products are handcrafted in small quantities with cold-pressed vegetable oils. They’re also 100% vegetarian, never tested on animals, and free of chemicals, mineral oils, and petroleum. Again, you won’t find any artificial fragrances, just plant-based essential oils.

burning candle

Wavy shaped candle by CaiCaiHandmade

Ms. CaiCai is an architect who turned candle designer and is heavily influenced by the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship. It carries quality from design to processing to testing and packaging. Pure natural soy wax and organic white beeswax make the candles natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Everyone is really a work of art.

three cups

Rustic round mug by Kim Hau Ceramics

Kim Hau ceramics
Each piece of ceramic by Kim Hau is made by two hands and looks like a modernist work of art. She currently has a wide variety of mugs designed to sit firmly in your hands and ready to hold anything from your morning coffee to your evening cocktail.

Style houseplant trellis

Moon Phase Indoor House Plant Trellis by Pine & Sprout

Pine & Sprout
The work of a duo of brothers and sisters in the Pacific Northwest whose love of creation began with K’nex as a child. As their love for plants and nature grew, Pine & Sprout was born to add beauty and function to your space. Your interior grilles are 3D printed with bioplastics and are available in three sizes.

Detailed exhibition of glass candles and matches

0324 Aging Spirits Candle

Studarettia (Luft-ANG-Giss)
The fragrance company originated from a moment when the founder Alicia Tsai was 9 years old in Taiwan and met the aerangis orchid in her grandfather’s garden. Now the hallmarks of the brand are bespoke collections that use fragrance to tell a handcrafted story with handcrafted luxury candles and other fragrance offerings.

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