Sharper Image Powerboost Deep Tissue Massager Review

In this Sharper Image Powerboost Deep Tissue Massager review you will learn how this is the ultimate go-to therapeutic device for physical therapists, athletes, and coaches worldwide.

The Sharper Image Percussion Massage Gun is a new revolution in sports medicine. The high-technology electro-mechanical massager delivers chiropractic-quality deep tissue massage through powerful touch and intense focused ultrasound for maximum results. 

Sharper Image Percussion Massager Highlights

Deep tissue massage

Ultra-quiet operation

5 attachments (fork, cone, flat, bar, ball)

Lightweight and compact

Variable strength

6 massage speeds

Includes carrying case

Full body massage

4.5 hour battery life

Weighs 4lbs

Health Benefits of a Massage Gun

Sharper Image Powerboost Deep Tissue Massager Review

Relieves pain and tension

Improves blood circulation

Strengthening and toning muscles

Speeding up recovery

Reducing swelling

Eliminating bruises and sprains

No drugs

No side effects

The Sharper Image Powerboost Massager is available on Amazon.  The product has over 100 customer ratings and 82% of customers rated the product 5 starsclick to read reviews!!

It’s a safe and effective way to help your body get rid of knots and spasms, relieve stress, improve mobility and flexibility, and prepare the body for physical activity. The massagers are powerful tools for delivering effective pain and relaxation treatments right to the muscle center for faster and more effective muscle relief.

Great for DIY Pain Relief

Physical therapists often give their patients a percussion massager to help loosen tight muscles and give a massage to the deeper layers of tissue. Physical therapists also recommend the Sharper image powerboost percussion massage gun to patients who have joint problems and who experience discomfort in moving their joints. 

For athletes and other busy individuals, it’s a great recovery tool for reducing soreness, pain, and stiffness so they can be more active and get the most out of their day. If you’re suffering from muscle tension, there’s no better choice to relieve the pain than to use the powerful Sharper Image Powerboost massager on your own to help with muscle recovery.

Using the Sharper Image Body Massager for Fast Recovery

There are many athletes and busy people who suffer from pain, stiffness and inflammation who don’t have the time or energy to spend on recovery every day. This is why a percussion massager is an excellent choice to reduce the effects of soreness and stiffness so you can get your life back. 

Whether you’re an athlete, a professional golfer, a bowler, boxers, wrestlers, boxers, cheerleaders, runners, motorcyclists, runners, or gymnasts, this piece of equipment can benefit you on your path to recovery.

Portable and Convenient

An additional advantage to using the Sharper Image percussion recovery gun on your own is that you can receive the therapy at any time, even in the middle of a sporting competition. The deep-tissue massage provides natural pain relief without the need to interrupt your performance. 

The Sharper Image Powerboost Massager is available on Amazon.  The product has over 100 customer ratings and 82% of customers rated the product 5 starsclick to read reviews!!

With this type of personal treatment, you can treat yourself when you’re sitting down, taking a break from exercise, or when you’re watching TV. The massage gun that comes with the equipment is also portable and easy to use.

You don’t have to line up and aim a machine in each direction. You just touch the pad of the device against the affected muscle group, as if you were playing tennis.

Reasons People Use Sharper Image Powerboost

Personal fitness devices have become very popular for a number of reasons. More people are walking around with sedentary jobs and not exercising regularly, causing muscle deterioration and injury. Some people don’t have time to go to the gym, so they rely on home remedies for healthy living and fitness. 

Personal massagers are one of these home remedies, providing a variety of services in one convenient unit. While purchasing a personal fitness device is always an individual decision, selecting one based on its features, options and intensity settings is important.

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