Salon Series Short & Sweet Ep. 2: Breaking the Mold

Hello again, it’s Elena Frampton writing from the Frampton Co Studio. In addition to interior design and art advice, our gallery rooms are a big piece of cake for our creative practice. They provide an opportunity for full creative expression as well as a platform to connect with our community through initiatives such as Salon Series, our internal conversation program.

This week I look forward to sharing my conversation with the fabulous, formidable artist and businesswoman Bari Ziperstein from Bzippy & Co. Not only did we see the very first work of art she made, but we also talked openly about the various topics of hats we all wear, the risk taking that excites us, and how acting outside the usual rules is the core of our mutual respect matters.

Ziperstein dials in from her huge workshop in East LA and reveals a secret to us: She works alone until midnight twice a week. “I can just be here and do prototypes,” she says. “It’s so fulfilling. And I have to remember, I got the chops! I make sure that I keep up with my abilities, keep reading and see things – it’s all very important. “

Bari Ziperstein exhibition at the Charles Moffett Gallery

Bari Ziperstein stages for flowers artwork

Just as continuing education is an incredibly important part of the creative process of the makers, it also plays an important role in our customer process. We introduce clients to the talents of the artists while sharing the context, technique and meaning of the work. Bzippy is no exception; It’s a stunning example of innovation with an unpredictable medium: sound.

Bari Ziperstein in the studio Photo by Scottie Cameron

“I want to stretch the material as much as possible,” says Ziperstein. “And also expand the viewer’s view of a side table. In tradition! But still – what can you do with records? I am a renegade and surround myself with great people. “

Bzippy pottery

Bzippy pottery

From colleagues to co-workers, every corner is part of what inspires a true creative community. We love that our work constantly takes us behind the scenes and that we can open these doors to others. When we introduce our customers to new designs or new works of art, most of them want to know: “Can we get to know this person?” Or “How is their studio ?!” We have the privilege of leading them there.

Bzippy in a Frampton co-project

Bzippy at Frampton Co’s exhibition The Barn Gallery

Ziperstein closes our Short & Sweet conversation with a question I don’t want to share. “What is your only advantage in relation to the most important professional aspects of studios,” she asks, “so that you can do your job better?” I love this question because it’s my job to sell some of the work of other creative collaborators to my clients. In addition, I ask the customers to be patient when pursuing an adventurous idea. Every time you experiment, there are bumps in the road. So it’s wonderful when the staff are really clear and we have honest communication about Snafus and progress. We are in it together – we break the mold together!

Bzippy pink side table in a Frampton co-project

Stop by above to delve deeper into the world of Bari Ziperstein, and learn why she’s currently researching Cold War propaganda, what’s freshest out of the oven, and more.

Bzippy at Frampton Co’s exhibition The Barn Gallery

Bzippy in a Frampton co-project

Salon series IRL in the exhibition Penthouse Gallery by Frampton Co.

The episodes are edited by Evey Joan, with selected images courtesy of Bari Ziperstein and Bzippy & Co.

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