Right here’s Give to Girls’s Causes

“What I really want to do is make people more aware of what heart disease is and how easy it is to change it,” said Ms. Soter. “I want people to realize that it’s the # 1 killer of women, and the younger you learn, the better.”

Certain organizations support women’s needs in general, but it is still better to state your desires.

“When you spend money on pantries – the hungry, the poor, the working poor – the greatest benefit to women and children,” said Ms. Searing of Deloitte Tax. “If you want to finance women artists in art, you have to name it.”

Some donors may need to take a closer look to find out where a large organization is spending their money, said Julie Neitzel, partner and advisor at WE Family Offices, which advises wealthy families. She pointed to the Miami Foundation, which grants community grants to organizations working for justice, including initiatives targeting women, and the National Association of Corporate Directors, which helps bring more women to corporate boards .

“It is about raising awareness and understanding of the allocation of resources to women and girls – on an individual, community and national level,” said Ms. Neitzel. “It makes us better communities and business organizations.”

Jennifer Buczek Ezring of New Canaan, Conn., A partner in the law firm Cahill Gordon & Reindel, supported her alma mater and Multiplying Good, a nonprofit that promotes community service.

When her daughter, now 12, entered middle school, Ms. Ezring reached out to LiveGirl to learn more and eventually became a donor and was on her board of directors.

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