Reform’s UNIT Kitchen by Aspekt Office Comes With a Home Office Feel

UNIT is a new kitchen design from the Copenhagen-based studio Aspect office Per reform. Most importantly, along with this launch, Reform will no longer use the bones of IKEA kitchens in the US, but instead move forward with its own system, which includes the latest. belong STANDARD drawers.

Growing out of the context of a work-from-home era, the young designers from Aspect Office have created a timeless kitchen design with a subtle home office feeling. Textured color offers depth and dimension over fused materials, including a die-cast aluminum handle that rests on wooden fronts.

With its appealing feeling of lightness and resilient materials, UNIT is a renewal of the Danish tradition and meets the changing needs of the modern home. As the studio describes: “Our starting point for this design was research in classic Danish furniture construction with a focus on Børge Mogensen. In the 50’s and 60’s it was popular to have a well-designed handle. We basically wanted to put this idea into a modern context, in terms of the choice of material, color and, of course, the design of the handle. “

modern kitchen with dark wooden cabinets

Modern kitchen with oak cabinets

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