Razer Undertaking Hazel Amplifies Private Protecting Gear Expertise

Let’s call it a sign of the times: Razer, a tech company best known for its portfolio of PC gaming accessories, has announced the development of what is believed to be the “world’s smartest mask” – a clear plastic ventilator with dual interchangeable N95 -Breathing masks, adjustable voice amplification, automatic sterilization … and not entirely unexpected from Razer, Chroma RGB LED lighting.

The clear front of the mask contains LEDs that are designed to automatically light up in the dark so that the wearer can express themselves more clearly when worn.

The design of the Razer Project Hazel isn’t that much different from the existing masks, although it has a rather scary-cool aesthetic that could add to its appeal in the gaming community. The design of the mask also offers a fascinating insight into the further development of personal protective equipment and integrates high-tech functions that want to combine the “normal” of yesterday with the developing realities of today.

Razer is investigating the integration of a notification system for the filter change via the app. The Smart Mask’s removable ventilator is rated N95 and can filter at least 95% of airborne particles.

The most noticeable detail of the respirator is the integration of chroma RGB LEDs that encircle each respirator ring, with additional lights housed in the mask. LEDs illuminating the wearer’s mouth should improve the visibility of facial features when speaking while wearing, but no one necessarily needs 16.8 million lighting colors for safety reasons. Still, if it makes more people wear a mask in public, let it be light!

Beyond the keyboard-style LED light show, Project Hazel wants to fix a real hassle when wearing masks: a muffled voice. The mask also includes a speaker and microphone combination to amplify the wearer’s voice. One just hopes that a Vader-like speech modulation option will find its way into the final product.

UV light in the charging and sterilization case ensures a hygienic fit every time the Project Hazel mask is worn.

While the Razer Project Hazel currently only exists as a work-in-progress concept, the mask shows how technology, PPE and fashion continue to overlap and evolve. It provides the wearer with safer methods of socializing in public and normalizes precautions for the benefit of the wearer and those around them.

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