Ravenpack Gets a Colorful New Headquarters Complete With a Slide + Game Room

In 2019, Spanish design studio LEBLUME. was commissioned by Ravenpack, an international company based in Marbella, Spain, to design a new headquarters for 200 employees. The new area of ​​1,800 square meters is welcoming and lively, combining advanced technology with the local Mediterranean flair, resulting in a comfortable and creative work environment. While this office fulfills the necessities like work areas, a cafeteria, and bathrooms, it is also outfitted with an orange slide and a basement dedicated to relaxation and play.

For those looking for a quick escape from the top floor, there is a curvy slide waiting to take users to the main level.

Concrete floors, white walls and wooden components form the modern foundation of the room. Building on this neutrals, LEFLOWER. Features a fresh color palette of light and muted tones, plus a green wall unit and bold graphics.

Rounded corners ensure flowing paths within the central, wood-lined core of the ground floor, which houses 13 boldly numbered conference rooms. They range from the size of a phone booth for one or two people to a meeting room for 25 people.

Instead of painting the walls in one color, Victor Garcia from Play in Colors created different patterns throughout the office.

In the canteen, lamellar wood panels cover half the ceiling to reduce noise, while the other is filled with hanging green pants and wicker pendant lights.

The company values ​​the free time for employees who are in the basement. There’s space to play with a ping pong table, foosball, air hockey, and arcade games, plus a pub and large gym.

Photos by Fer Gomez.

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